Sisterhood awakening voice reTreat


Sisterhood awakening voice reTreat


Dates: 29th April – 5th May 2019

with: Daniela Bohatá and Dymphi Peeters

Dymphi’s new SONG:  Dragonfly Ecstatic Dance Band: Into the Unknown

– Can you hear THE calling?

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Sisterhood awakening voice retreat 2019

Sisters… ♥♥♥ 

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♥ Treat yourself, support sisters and receive support from them, connect with Mother Earth and the beautiful Nature. Open your mind and heart as much as you can… Give… Receive… Care… Share compassion and ♥love♥. 

♥ Let’s honour the ancient wisdom and the gentle power of sacred places, fresh air, spring water, fire and your endless feminity.…explore the country of rivers, waterfalls, lakes and the Adriatic see with us…

♥ Let’s connect with our inner fire, our primal instinct and wisdom.

♥ Let’s give voice to our ancient wisdom and anchor this power on earth. 

♥ Let’s invite and support each other in this space.

♥ Let’s enjoy the natural flow of our voice, sing, dance, play and step in to this ritual for one week in the beautiful and healing surroundings of Bosnia and Herzegovina with her pyramids, tunnels, abundant nature, symbolism, healing water, spirals and much more! ♥



The goal of the week is to open to the deep, warm, strong, soft, intuitive, creative female energy in ourselves and to express it!

We will create soundscapes on the basis of improvisation with our voices and sing in an improvised sound language, a capella and sometimes accompanied by ancient instruments like drum and African haps.

We will sing every day at magical places.


Pyramid of Love by photographer Monia Lippi.

WITH: Daniela Bohatá and Dymphi Peeters

Dymphi PeetersM


Registration open until there are still available places (number of participants is limitted). Last registration accepted on 1st January 2018.

Dymphi takes care of the voice work part. She is a meditative world music voice artist, who accompanies herself on the African kora, creating medicine music and sharing her voice healing work.

Dymphi’s kora:

Dymphi went to Visoko May 2017 and was incredibly touched by the pyramids, nature and energy and there she met Daniela who is a very experienced guide of Bosnia and Herzegovina and especially of Bosnian valley of pyramids in Visoko. They immediately felt they would love to create something together with sisters, magical places and singing! They both love to empower women!


So it is happening… and you can join them!

Daniela being tuned into the local nature, culture and language, is in charge of exploring the right place at the right time, enjoying the best food and seeing and feeling the most magical and powerful healing places, , expressing the interesting knowledge of the places, its stories and organizing all other practical matters.

Daniela has been yet only awakening her voice but once upon a time while she was returning from a hike to Temple of Mother Eart (Hram Majke Zemlje), Daniela a wrote a song together with her friend Yannii. Here’s the song:

Bosnian pyramid of the Sun


Bosna and Herzegovina in 60 seconds:

Zanechat odpověď

Vyplňte detaily níže nebo klikněte na ikonu pro přihlášení:


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