ARTIST of Your LIFE reTreat

Becoming the ARTIST of Your LIFE:

Transformation and Health reTREAT



Fee: 440 euro


11th – 17th May   

1st July – 7th July

2nd – 8th November

Included in price:

6 nights (4 nights in a hotel at the Pyramid of the Sun in Visoko with breakfast,

2 nights in Počitelj)

Ravne tunnel complex (2x) + Regeneration and relaxation park Ravne 2 visits.

Traditional Bosnian lunch on the plateau of Moon pyramid + meditation with instruments (2x).

Traditional Bosnian dinner (3x).

Sunrise on the top of Sun pyramid.

Morning meditation under Sun pyramid.

Traditional Bosnian coffee in Konjic + swimming in the river Neretva.

Traditional Bosnian coffee in Blagaj near the Buna River Spring.

Daorson+ meditation with instruments.

Sandy Beach Farewell (Croatia, about 40 minutes by car).

Optional trip to Fojnica/ Prokoško jezero (mountain lake 1700

….. and much more…

Programme with touristic and transformation guides.

Entrance fees to all sites included in the programme.

Meals included in the programme.

Not included in price:

Transport to/from/in BiH.

Travel insurance (make sure you have travel insurance covering not only the dates of the programme but also your trip to/from BiH).

Entrance fees and meals other than those included in the programme.

The programme starts at 7 p.m. at the hotel just next to the peak of the pyramid of the Sun in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina (detailed description upon registration).

You will become RICH. Imagine…:

– the time spent in nature – breathing clean air,
– drinking the best drinks (including fresh spring water),
– eating the best locally-sourced products and traditional meals,
– the friends you make,
– the inspiration and motivation you gain,
– the beautiful memories u create,
– the time u spent exploring, resting, networking, socialising, laughing, swimming, reflecting, seeing yr life path more clearly.

Becoming the ARTIST of Your LIFE : Transformation and Health reTREAT



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