Explore Bosnian pyramids in 2017

Bosnian Valley of Pyramids


Bosnian pyramids friends & fans tours – join us anytime between JULY  and OCTOBER 2017:

Bosnian Valley of Pyramids TOUR

Guided by Daniela Bohatá (experienced guide and coordinator, Bosnian and Herzegovina culture and sites enthusiast, lecturer) and her special guests.

A 3-days/4 nights intensive stay in Bosnian valley of pyramids.

Join us and enjoy exploring the ancient sites, sacred places and ourSELVES. We will absorb the transformation and spiritual-growth-friendly energies in the tunnel complex Ravne. Depending on the openness of our minds and bodies, a single stay in this place might cause rapid regenerative and self-healing processes in our bodies.

You can cultivate your spiritual and physical senses. All of this helps us absorb the energies of the places while visiting the MOON, SUN, DRAGON and LOVE pyramids, and Vratnica tumulus.

The goal is to harmonise both our female and male aspects during our stay in the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids in Visoko.

Individuals, couples, as well as families are welcome to join this tour.

Price 330 EUR

Price includes: Guided visits to the sites (3 visits to Ravne tunel. Ravne 2 park, Sun, Moon pyramid, etc.), relaxation, meditation and self-exploration, insight into local culture, 4 stays in a hotel + 4 x traditional Bosnian half board, entrance fees, translation to/from local language.

Not included in price: Visits to sites other than the ones included in the programme, travel insurance, transport to/from Visoko.

This is an excursion for friends and fans of Bosnia pyramids. It’s NOT organised by any travel agency.

Email to: bosna.daniela@gmail.com

 Interview with Semir Osmanagić:

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