Daniela Bohatá – BiH and Dalmatia nature&culture enthusiast:

This is what I enjoy doing:

– Guiding people and openning their minds and hearts while exploring the ancient sites, wild nature and family-based local production.

– Breathing clean air, drinking pure healthy spring water and eating meals made of locally-sourced and seasonal ingredience.

– Using and learning more about languages and people who use them. I have professional knowledge of English, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Czech, German. Basic Russian, Dutch, etc.

– Recommendig locally-sourced food and accommodation of finest quality.

– Opening minds and hearts of people and institutions.

I have worked as a international tour coordinator, event manager, translator, publisher, touristic and transformation guide, lecturer and, most importantly, as a MOTHER.

I am a Bosnian pyramids International Advisory Board member – I gained a lot of experience in tourism in Visoko as a mere enthusiast and volunteer.





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