About Daniela

Daniela’s original professional background is in teaching English and German. She enjoyed teaching students at Tomas Bata University in Zlin until recently as well as at other places in the Czech Republic and abroad. She has actively participated in conferences and led workshops for teachers on innovative teaching methods in foreign language teaching in Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, etc.

She published two books about Bosnia and Herzegovina both of which she translated from English/Bosnian into Czech.

Daniela has been promoting Bosnia and Herzegovina as a destination for the last few years and has been coordinating events, volunteering , enjoying  and exploring its nature, culture and ancient wisdom there and elsewhere in the Balkans. Her favourite destinations include the mountains, rivers, waterfalls and lakes of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Her current focus is on Dalmatia, Croatia, where she has been brought by her passion and search for pure and wild places in nature. She is also interested and researches local traditions which are worth exploring and preserving.

Daniela’s Curriculum Vitae


In 2018 you can join Daniela’s Balkan reTREATs which are of a transformative character and joining one of them might actually make you RICH. Imagine..
= enjoying excellent locally-sourced food, relaxing, recovering,
= focusing on health and transformation,
= an immersive individual and/or group experience,
= life-changing experience in a beautiful location,
= time for relaxing and processing,
= more experiential and transformational than any indoor workshop/training can be.

Daniela moved 5 times in 3 countries in 2017 to get a deeper insight into the places she has always been attracted to. 

This is what Daniela enjoys doing:

– Exploring ancient sites, wild nature and family-based local production.
– Breathing clean fresh air, drinking pure healthy spring water and eating meals made of locally-sourced and seasonal ingredients.
– Enjoying locally-sourced food and accommodation of finest quality.
– Using and learning more about languages and people who use them. I have professional knowledge of English, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Czech, German. Basic knowledge of Russian, Dutch, Latin, etc.
– Besides her teaching background, she has gained work experience as a translator, publisher, touristic guide, tour coordinator, event manager, and, most importantly, as a full-time MOTHER.


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