Daniela Bohatá – Bosnia and Herzegovina enthusiast:

This is what I enjoy doing:

– Enjoy guiding people and openning their minds and hearts while visiting pyramids, tunnels, churches, mosques, and other sites.

– Explore nature, culture and sacred places.

– I enjoy using and learning more about languages and people who use them. I have professional knowledge of English, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Czech, German. Basic Russian, Dutch, etc.

– Exploring locally-sourced food and accommodation of finest quality.

– Opening minds and hearts of teachers and students.

I am Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bosnian Valley of Pyramids specialist, international tour coordinator, touristic and transformation guide, event manager, translator, publisher and Bosnian pyramids International Advisory Board member.
I gained a lot of experience in tourism as a mere enthusiast and volunteer.





The first time I visited the complex of tunnels in Bosnian Valley of Pyramids in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina marked a huge change for the better. It started a very positive transformation in all areas of my life and the visit helped complete some healing processes which were already happening in my physical body (healed hypothyroidism, asthma and a few other minor illnesses without any use of pills or anything else).

Soon after that, I started bringing groups of Czech and Slovak people to these ancient sites (the pyramid of the Sun is the highest pyramid of the world p1060104and is about 30 000 years old!). I also published a book about pyramids written by the discoverer of Bosnian pyramids Semir Osmanagić. I’ve closely cooperated with him and his archaeological project ever since my first visit. All my previous Balkan explorations and the fact that I learned Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian proved useful when I started supporting and promoting the tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This destinaition is the best place for enjoying both the beauties of nature and culture in still quite an unspoilt quality. Many of places I promote help make our physical bodies healthy and allow for spiritual awakening and growth. Besides tunnels, pyramids, tumuli and obelisk one can visit the biggest stone sphere in the world in Zavidovići stone sphreses park which is very close to Visoko.

I’m fluent in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian and have a deep insight into the country and its sites including hidden places beyond massive touristic attention. I’ve always felt strong connection with Bosnia and Herzegovina, and now pyramids attract more and more people from all around the word. Being their guide when they do so enables me to share my love for this country and my knowledge about it with other people. Whatever I do in and around Bosnia blessings come from all directions, I do enjoy all that I do in this country more than anything else. Bosnia and Herzegovina is simply my passion.



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